About Cinematic Arts Film Festival

The Cinematic Arts Film Festival (previously IFFCA), was founded by passionate filmmakers. This festival is by filmmakers for filmmakers. We have a goal of fostering a meaningful global conversation between cultures through Cinema. Come be a part of the movement of artists inspiring each other across the world! Submit today! Come celebrate our 5th year!

Call for Entries

Short Film Narrative (Film)
Live action (non documentary) short film under 30 minutes including credits.
Short Film Documentary (Film)
Documentary short film under 30 minutes including credits.
Micro Film Narrative (Film)
Live action (non documentary) short film under 3 minutes including credits.
Music Video (Film)
Live action music video.
Horror Shorts (Film)
Live action (non documentary) short film under 30 minutes including credits.
Comedy Shorts (Film)
Live action (non documentary) short film under 30 minutes including credits.
Special Focus - Australian Films (Film)
Live action (non documentary) short film under 30 minutes including credits.
Short Screenplay (Script)
Short screenplay length is fewer than 30 pages.

All film submission related information can be found on our withoutabox page.
For any general information send us an email at info@iffca.org For volunteering to become a part of the film festival, please send us an email at volunteer@iffca.org. We have several exciting opportunities in the planning, marketing, event management areas.

Cinematic Arts Film Festival
PO BOX 90993
Los Angeles CA 90009
Phone: 323.448.0472
email: info@iffca.org

Frequently Asked Questions

The International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts provides a platform to recognize the work of the upcoming independent film makers and artists from all over the world. The festival also presents an opportunity to connect independent film makers and share their vision and ideas with the community. This season we are accepting films in Short Film Narrative, Short Film Documentary, Micro Film Narrative and Music Videos. Here are some frequently asked questions which film makers often ask. If you have any further question then send out a note to us atinfo@iffca.org.

Yes, we believe in a global cinematic dialogue and highly encourage international filmmakers. If the films are in a foreign language, the film must have English subtitles and be submitted in one of the acceptable format. List of acceptable format is provided on our withoutabox festival page.
The film festival is scheduled for the month of November/December. Stay tuned for updates on exact dates and times. This information will be posted on our withoutabox page and also on our site www.iffca.org
Goal of the festival is to contribute to the spirit of recognizing good cinema. All the expenses for the event will be covered by the donations and application fees received
Based on the number of selections and showings, Films will be screened in Los Angeles, Hollywood or Santa Monica theatres.
We accept submissions through Withoutabox (WAB). Follow the link for submissions.
The programming committee will decide the films for the festival. Once the decisions are made email communications will be sent to all applicants. Selected films will be screened at least once during the festival. Venue and Schedule of the selected film will be communicated to the contact email address provided at the time of submission.
In our effort to go green we promote all communications via email.
IFFCA offers following film programs for this season (in upcoming seasons we will be expanding the programs):
– Short Film Narrative
– Short Film Documentary
– Micro Cinema Narrative
– Music Videos
We only accept finished films.
Screeners can be submitted using withoutabox online. You can also send DVD screener on the mailing address provided on withoutabox page.
We prefer the screeners to be submitted online through withoutabox. If you are sending a screener by mail then send one DVD screener.
The following information should be included with the screener, if screener is on DVD then write the same information on DVD:
– Film title
– Total Running time
– WAB Tracking number
No. Please do not send any publicity or marketing material. If your film is selected for the festival, we will request marketing and publicity material at that time.
You can monitor your submission via Withoutabox, we will indicate when the submission has been received.
We are unable to return screeners.
No. PLEASE test your screeners to make sure they work before you send them. If they don’t, we might not have time to contact you.
Submissions must be completed via WithoutaBox. You must fill out the online submissions form first. At the end of the form, you will be prompted to pay the fee. We accept payment by credit card (American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa). Please do not send checks, money orders, or cash.
In this case email us with your question and you may get lucky.
Updated list of all the media and supported formats are available on our withoutabox page.
Make sure before sending the copy of film to us that it works. If your DVDs do not play, we will contact you with email to request another copy. Team will do its best to work within the deadlines but IFFCA will not be responsible for any delay or meeting the deadlines for selection or even for screening for that matter.

Volunteer with us

We are always looking for Volunteers that love film. If you think you fit any of the categories below, drop us a line info@iffca.org

PR/Marketing Director

You will be responsible for actively promoting the film festival to the press, in filmmaking circles, and for local audiences. Raising the awareness of the festival.

Sponsorships Director

You will be responsible for reaching out to patrons, organizations, and businesses and raise sponsorship funds for the festival

Volunteers Director

You will be responsible for hiring and managing the event volunteers, and plan the roles and responsibilities of the volunteers.

Filmmaker Communications

You will be responsible for all communication with the filmmakers.

Events Director

You will be responsible for securing locations and hosting festival parties.